first plastic free shop

finished my first plastic free shop today, and actually it was much easier then i thought it would be.. i was very curious as to what woolworths would do when i brought in my own container for chicken, I've heard mixed reviews, between just flatstick 'no' and 'no dramas!' - and guess what! my local woolies didn't even blink an eye, they placed the chicken in the container, stuck the sticker on it for me and handed it back. 

the strangest part of the whole process for me was actually my partners reaction to me doing something he considered 'weird'. as i continually force him into being plastic free with me I've never seen his face more astonished as it was today. he was almost nervous about the possible rejection and had to go stand a few meters away. :) he will get used to it soon enough!

biggest grocery store loss for me? not being able to buy my favourite curry - 'marions kitchen green curry' set comes in a box, however the box is filled with 4 plastic bags of ingredients. instead i bought green curry in a jar and a tin of coconut milk. biggest grocery store loss for josh? cheese, his precious cheese. 

i didn't buy anything in plastic, so day one and day two were successful!