No Single Use Plastic Here!

Todays plastic free shop was a raging success! Instead of using the deli at woolies, I went to a local butcher who had no dramas skipping the plastic and putting my meat into my containers for me. The woman behind the counter was also very interested in the whole 'plastic free july' movement and chatted with me for ages about it. she had just watched 'war on waste' and she was extremely shocked at the levels of wastage in Australia. 

Mostly I got fresh fruit and veg, but also 4 jars and 4 boxes - pretty stoked on how little recycling we will have to do this week! This will feed josh and I for five days and it cost about 100$. Josh bought bread this morning from a bakery and he requested a paper bag, he was pretty proud of himself ;D haha!

Produce bags by YoungEco (check out clever consumer page for info!)

Side note* I don't eat red meat, Josh does. Baby steps... ;)