I would consider the first week a success, purely on how much trash I put out for collection on Tuesday! One week of garbage for 2 people was the size of one grocery bag, and this makes me so ridiculously happy! And yes, josh thinks i am weird. Yes, I made him look in the bin at how little waste we had haha!

Top 3 easiest plastic free meals of the week?

  1. Green Curry - The curry mix came in a jar and the coconut milk came in a tin. I brought my own container to the deli for the chicken, then I topped the curry up with tons and tons of plastic free vegetables. I have a huge jar of rice at home already!

  2. Pasta - So easy! Pasta came in a box, and the sauce is in a jar. Just add all your plastic free ingredients - veg and meat!

  3. Salmon - I brought my own container for the fish, and I had it with rice and greek salad! Cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, red onion and feta (own container at the deli). I make my own dressing - fresh lemon, salt, dill, olive oil and vinegar (in glass containers). Delish! For the fish I sprinkled it in dill, then sliced some lemon circles and placed them on top while it baked :)

Now for the hardest meal... We had a picnic on a hill overlooking the ocean by our house on Sunday - but putting together the picnic last minute at woolworths was pretty hard. We brought cutlery from home but forgot our containers, so we bought 2 reusable containers, and filled one with olives and one with deli meats, so that was all good - no single use plastic there. We grabbed an apple and a pear to slice up and eat with our cheese.. Then we realized cheese was going to be a problem... There was one wheel of Brie in a wooden container so we got that (at DOUBLE the cost of the others :'( Not affordable really.) It ended up being wrapped in plastic inside the wooden container - ughhhh. All dips come in plastic, and the dip that comes in ceramic needs to be heated in the oven first.. So instead of dip, we grabbed some avocados and smashed them up. Our one major fail was crackers - we ended up just buying a box of jatz, but that has plastic inside the box. So overall we did pretty well, but it did take us quite a long time to sort it out.