every few months us humans buy a new plastic stick to clean our teeth with.. then we throw it away and it takes hundreds and hundreds of years to break down.. in australia we use about 30 million toothbrushes a year.. that just ain't fair to the earth!

why not purchase a bamboo toothbrush instead! 

Josh and i use bamboo toothbrushes from 

once your finished with the toothbrush simply snap off the head and recycle the bristles and chuck the handle in the compost - it will turn into soil in 6 months. they have free shipping worldwide, its packaged in a box and they even have a subscription so you can have fresh toothbrushes arrive every 3 months. 

instagram: @charcoaltoothbrush

take away coffee

do you get a coffee every day? did you know the cups and lids cannot be recycled because they have a plastic lining. that is 365 cups a year headed to landfill purely from you. 

it is estimated that australians use about 1 billion coffee cups every year.. so whats an easy solution for you? bring your own cup! a lot of cafes are on board with this, even offering a discount if you don't need to use a takeaway mug. Another solution? dine in. give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning and relax in a cafe before work. 

my favourite reusable cup? 'frank green' is an australian company based in melbourne that make stylish, spill proof, colour customizable cups. They are made from recycled materials and are bpa free. 

instagram: @frankgreen_official

Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cups

Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cups