Cotton Buds

I'm sure by now many of you have seen the seahorse photo by Justin Hofman that is currently making the rounds. A small seahorse hanging onto a plastic cotton bud in the middle of the ocean. A very powerful image really showcasing the effect we are having on the planet. 

Go Bamboo is a New Zealand based company that creates a few different products that are normally made out of plastic, including bamboo cotton buds, clothes pegs and even surf wax combs. 

Click here to head to their shop!

Photo by @justinhofman

Photo by @justinhofman

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Bamboo Clothing

I read an article recently about how bad cotton is for the environment. Did you know that it can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton; equivalent to a single T-shirt and pair of jeans. What a waste. Read about cotton farming here

Companies are now starting to produce clothing out of bamboo - it's quick growing and relies only on rainwater - bamboo is an incredibly soft fibre! 

Bamboo also absorbs 5X the amount of greenhouse gasses than other crops, including trees!

The sweater I'm wearing in the photo is from a brand called Bamboo Monkey a St. Kilda based design company embracing accountable fashion through the use of eco-friendly bamboo. It's wonderfully soft, and I've washed it a few times and it holds its shape. It's also very warm for those cold winter nights! I believe it will be a piece i have in my closet for many many years.

Instagram: @luvbamboomonkey

Bamboo Monkey sweater

Bamboo Monkey sweater


Toothpaste in a tin, instead of a plastic tube! I've started using Noosa Basics Remineralising Toothpaste, I'm pretty new to it, and it was definitely strange to use a toothpaste that didn't froth up when you brushed - however it left my mouth clean and fresh just the same! 

I've only just started using it, and so far so good! (They also have deodorant in a tin and floss in a box which I want to try out!)

Instagram: @noosabasics


Plastic Free Produce

There really is no need to put your fruit and veg in plastic bags. It has a natural covering! Really the plastic bags are for keeping it all together while weighing it at the checkout, and you can do that with a reusable bag!

YoungEco is a company I came across recently on Instagram. Jade is a teenager from NSW who up cycles old lace curtains into gorgeous produce bags - I received mine today! She sent awesome little reusable handmade tea bags as well, I love them!


YoungEco reusable tea bags and produce bags.

YoungEco reusable tea bags and produce bags.

Toilet Paper

Potentially the easiest switch ever?!

Most toilet paper comes wrapped in plastic, however usually there is an easy alternative of recycled toilet paper thats wrapped in paper. It's in most grocery stores so you don't have to go anywhere specific to purchase it. 

The first thing Josh said to me was - 'I'm not using recycled toilet paper..' -- it's just recycled paper, so it prevents more trees from being chopped down, a huge win for animals and their environments. It also uses less resources such as water and energy to produce - and of course it's still 'soft and gentle' ;)

So, in conclusion, just buy the paper that's wrapped in paper - not hard!

Plastic bottles

plastic bottles take 450+ years to break down, and water is free. so why are we paying $4 for a bottle of water?!

bring your own refillable metal water bottle!! 

and as for soft drinks, they come in a can - purchase that and make sure you recycle.

i just purchased this stunner from 'the source bulk foods' and take it everywhere with me. not only is it environmentally friendly but they also donate $2 from every bottle sold to wateraid. 


Plastic bags are used an average of 12 minutes before they are thrown away, often ending up in the ocean. more than 5 billion plastic bags are handed out at the checkout every year, and less than 4% are recycled.. A plastic bag you use today will share this planet with your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren.

Buy reusable grocery bags - I've bought a bunch and i leave them in my car so they are always ready for a shop!

do you want to sign the petition calling for nsw, vic and wa premiers to ban the bag? click here

once you've signed, there is also a few other ways to hit them up via their email and socials ;) 

disposable straws...

why make a product that is meant to be used for 10 minutes out of a material that lasts forever?

Not smart.

500 million straws are thrown out everyday. bring your own reusable one - simple as that.
'The ethical straw company' create beautiful metal straws that come with a pipe cleaner, so you can reuse over and over.

we should also be supporting local business' that ban straws, and share on your socials when you find a business that does! #thelaststraw. 

**are you a venue in australia that is thinking about losing the straw? check out this website and join the movement!**
instagram: @theethicalstrawco